SMSB collaborates with well-known partners locally and internationally in getting your money transferred safely and securely. We offer customers faster, less expensive payment options for 16 countries and 17 currencies. All through online portal, mobile apps or over the counter.

We are fast because we are established with proven network. Transfer of money for some currencies can be received immediately. Our business partners are

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SM Currency Booking Form


10am - 6pm : Same day published rate apply.​

After 6pm - 11.59pm : Next day published rate apply.


Booking day + 2 days (11am - 7pm daily)

Collection Time11am - 7pm

We will contact you to confirm your booking rate based on our published rate. To secure the rate, you need to pay a deposit of 20% of the total booking amount in RM value or RM500 (whichever is lower) within the given timeframe. If we don't receive the deposit within the specified timeframe, our published rate on the day of collection will apply.